Please complete the following evaluation no later than 5 PM on Tuesday, December 11. Take your time and answer thoroughly! It might be helpful to complete on a computer versus phone. Let us know if you need to borrow a computer.

Name *
Supervisor Evaluation *
Supervisor Evaluation
Please give your honest feedback about your supervisor (Adina).
Conducts herself in a professional manner.
Is a good listener.
Is good at giving feedback to others.
Is open to other people's ideas and opinions.
Is thoughtful and considerate of apprentices.
Has good self-control under pressure.
Will admit or apologize when wrong.
Is punctual.
Gives compliments and positive feedback.
Provides training when needed.
Willing to answer questions.
Lets me know in a fair and constructive manner when I have done something wrong.
Keeps her promises.
Delegates well.
Has good people skills.
Self Evaluation *
Self Evaluation
Back in September, we signed our agreements and covenants as a community. Take a moment to consider the following, and rate yourself thus far.
I committed myself to the Temple House community by being a conscious friend and housemate.
I committed myself to our neighborhood by intentionally spending time with my neighbors.
I supported our city by being an active participant in neighborhood/citywide initiatives, events, and programs.
I made Temple House gatherings a priority in my schedule.
I approached the Temple House expectations with humility, anticipation, and excitement.