The Urban Mission Center is excited to welcome Paul Sparks, co-author of The New Parish, to our neighborhood on Sunday, December 6, 2015. Please join us as we consider what faithful presence in the neighborhood could look like through conversation and storytelling. Light refreshments will be served. Suggested donation to attend is $5.

Sunday, December 6 from 4 PM to 6:30 PM

Nebula C0-Working - 3407 S. Jefferson Ave, St. Louis, MO 63118

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More about our guest:

PAUL SPARKS is a Community Organizer and Social Entrepreneur. His place-based expertise and trusted friendships in neighborhoods across North America make him an indispensable consultant to academic institutions, community organizations, and faith-based groups. He has served as a Pastor and Community Developer for 25 years and often consults groups seeking to understand the transition toward more local forms of everyday ecclesial life. He curates a growing faith community in Tacoma, Washington.

Paul speaks for strong resilient relationships within neighborhoods, and brave collaborative links across places. As a Social Entrepreneur he has co-founded three non-profits and a celebrated North American conference:

► Local Life: Coalition for Livable Communities

► Parish Collective: Rooted and Linked for Parish Renewal

► Urban Landscaping: Rapid Place Shaking Collaborations

► Inhabit Conference: Practice. Presence. Place.

Paul is the author of the upcoming book The New Parishioners and is currently an instructor for the innovative Leadership in the New Parish Certificate at the Seattle School of Psychology and Theology.

Paul lives in an urban neighborhood at the heart of Downtown Tacoma, Washington with his co-conspiring wife Elizabeth. They are part of a faith community comprised of friends, artists, and entrepreneurs seeking a common life together with their neighbors.