Is there an age requirement to move into Temple Houses?

Yes. Dwellers must be between the ages of 18 and 29. 

I want to apply, but I'm married. Is that okay?

Maybe. Married couples can apply, but both must fully commit to becoming Temple House Dwellers. We have limited spaces, so acceptance would depend heavily on housing availability. 

How many people will I live with?

The Temple Houses community is actually a collection of several houses, all located within a six block radius. Depending on what spaces are available, you'll have one to three housemates. Each dweller has a private bedroom and shared living space (bathroom(s), kitchen, and living room). 

What are my financial obligations should I join the Temple Houses community?T

Dwellers pay yearly dues of $1200 due before their move in date.  This is a yearly commitment, and will be required at the start of each new year. As a dweller, you'll receive a furnished place to live and utilities. You're responsible for any other living costs - groceries, transportation, internet, etc. 

How much time will I have to dedicate to serving and learning? 

Dwellers are expected to complete 10 to 29 hours of service/learning per week, based on employment and student status.

Can I have a job or attend college while I am part of the Temple Houses community? 

Absolutely. Dwellers are required to maintain at least part time employment and/or part time student status. In certain cases, we would consider exceptions, however that would require approval from the Temple Houses Board. 

How long can I live in Temple Houses?

We ask that new dwellers sign a one year agreement. You can request to renew your agreement for an additional two years, which must be approved by the Temple Houses Board.