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The Missional Leadership Practicum combines online coursework and on-site experience in a five day practicum conducted at the Urban Mission Center in St Louis, MO. This course is an in-depth study of missional leadership, including: understanding the theology of missional leadership; identifying characteristics of missional leaders; strategies for spiritual formation in leaders and building the team; methods for developing an abundance mindset in congregations. Students will have opportunities for self assessment, with guided prayer and meditation.

This course is open to anyone interested in strengthening their missional leadership skills, and can be taken for academic credit or as professional development.

This course is one of 3 required for the Ministry in Urban Millennium Certificate (the Ministry in Urban Millennium Certificate is a 9 credit certificate once all 3 parts are completed:  Urban Ministry practicum, Missional Leadership practicum and Cultural Intelligence online course).

Details about price and registration coming soon!

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The Urban Ministries Practicum is hybrid course where online content and on-site experience are combined in a five day practicum conducted at the Urban Mission Center in the Benton Park West neighborhood of St. Louis, MO. Benton Park West has a good blend of urban life (density, diversity, and disparity) to submerge into for practicing theory and principles learned in Urban Studies. The course will look at neighborhoods, areas of marginalization, areas of conflict and identified sacred spaces. Time will be given for discussion and study on the Urban Millennium and how it impacts the region, city and neighborhood and how the church has been impacted. While present in the community, students will learn and practice the six postures for creating and practicing missional community and will spend time daily in the urban garden for spiritual reflection. 

Registration for the next Urban Ministries Practicum will open in January 2020.