Sara Johnson

Sara comes to the Urban Mission Center from Royal Oak, MI. She is currently the Director of the Urban Mission Center and the Democratize Committeewoman for this community. Before coming to the Urban Mission Center, Sara served as the Director of After School Programs for the Salvation Army in Detroit. In her position as director, Sara recruits, plans Sunday Gathers and other events, and works to develop the community within Temple House. Since her time leading the Urban Mission Center, Sara is hoping to see Temple House continue to grow through common projects in the community. Her dream is for Benton Park West to become a neighborhood where there are stronger programs for the youth in the neighborhood and for the neighborhood association to become a reflection of the diversity of Benton Park West. She is passionate about developing strong communities, local government, and community gardening.

Major Gail Aho

Major Gail Aho is a longtime member of Temple Houses. She’s been here since it started. Major Aho comes to us from all over the world, but grew up in Wichita, KS. Most recently she lived in Kirkwood, MO before coming to join in with the work being done in St. Louis. Currently she works as the Urban Ministries Secretary for the Midland division where she’s involved in several projects to help the Salvation Army be more active in urban areas. When helping with Temple Houses, she enjoys working in the garden and helping us start new projects with the Temple Corps. She hopes to see our community continue to embrace God’s mission in the neighborhood. She’s passionate about reflecting Jesus’ desire for His people to meet others where they are, especially in the context of urban life.


Major Phil Aho

Major Phil Aho has always led a nomadic lifestyle, he’s moved more than 17+ times, but says that he grew up in northern Minnesota wilderness. Before coming to the Temple House community he served, and still serves, as a Salvation Army Officer in his 37th year of service. His main help with Temple Houses is to advocate for us within the Salvation Army Midland Division, but he also helps us serve at St. Louis Temple Corps. He hopes to see us develop stronger relationships with our neighbors. He is passionate about God’s reconciliation ministry and how it surprises and shocks church people.

Kamaria Gage

Kamaria is originally from Springfield, IL. She has been studying medical laboratory science at St. Louis University for the past four years. Before moving into Temple Houses, she lived on SLU’s campus in the Micah learning community. That community is centered on faith and social justice based on Micah 6:8. This is her last year at SLU and she continues to be involved in the Micah learning community, is on the track team, and participates in a scholarship program. When helping with Temple Houses she helps with the Temple Corps program Choices and volunteers at Bridge Bread on Cherokee St. She hopes to see the Temple House come together to find a way where we can all volunteer together or help the community as a whole. For Benton Park West as a whole, Kamaria hopes to see it become a neighborhood like the one she grew up in, a place where you can depend on your neighbor and find wisdom in the mentors that exist throughout the neighborhood. She’s passionate about helping others, this has been fostered in her by the Salvation Army since she was young. Through this passion, Kamaria has had the opportunity to assist those in need, work and minister to a very diverse group of people, and to travel and discover people with this same passion around the world.

Hannah Manynara

Hannah is originally from Ames, Iowa. She’s currently a full time student at Covenant Seminary with her husband Stephen, where she’s pursuing a degree in counseling. Before becoming a Dweller, Hannah was a pastry chef at a local bakery in St. Louis. When helping with Temple Houses, Hannah participates in the Salvation Army’s Choices program and the food pantry program. Her dreams for Temple Houses are that we would build deeper relationships with each other and that we would become family to one another as we live out life together in St. Louis. Her hope for the Benton Park West Community is that neighbors would continue to get to know one another, that there would be more community involvement from the people who live in the community. She’s passionate about hospitality, finding beauty in everything, and food and finding new restaurants.

Stephen Manyara

Stephen is originally from outside Baltimore, Maryland but relocated to St. Louis with his wife Hannah to attend Covenant Seminary. He’s studying to receive his Masters of Divinity. Before coming to Temple Houses, he worked with Cru Campus Ministries in Maryland. When he’s helping with Temple Houses, he works with the Choices program and with Friday night basketball. His hopes for Temple Houses include getting more guys involved and that we would do a better job of living life together. When thinking about Benton Park West, Stephen wishes for more involvement in the community from a broader group of residents and that there would be more activities for kids in the neighborhood.



Andre Mahone

Andrew comes to Temple Houses from Sterling, IL. He is a student at Missouri Baptist University and is a member of the wrestling team for the school. He predominately helps out with at Temple Corps with Choices and the Friday Night Open Gym. He hopes to see Temple House become a place where we are sisters and brothers in Christ who care deeply about this neighborhood and everyone in it. He also wants to see Temple House become a place where we are open with each other and grow together as a community. He looks forward too seeing Benton Park West become a neighborhood where there is a sense of comfort and unity. He is passionate about sports, ministering to youth, and being a big brother and positive role model for kids who may not have one in their lives.

Angela Hinchsliff

Angela comes to Temple House from St. Charles, MO. She currently works as a full time social worker for children in foster care. She is new to Temple Houses so she is still finding places to volunteer in the community. She wants to see Temple House become a place where the community is comfortable sharing how God is growing each of us. Since she is new to the area, Angela is just hoping to know her neighbors better and wants to see more community gathering with her neighbors. She is passionate about social work and thinking creatively about meeting people’s needs. She is also passionate about great food.


Richard Hinchsliff

Richard comes to Temple Houses from St. Louis, MO. He has lived in Missouri since he was 8 years old. He is currently studying at Covenant Theological Seminary for his masters degree in counseling. Richard is spending his volunteer hours doing maintenance work within the houses and within Temple Corps. He wants to see Temple House become a beacon for people in Benton Park West. He wants to see Temple House become ingrained within the neighborhood so that people think of us when they need help. He hopes to see the Benton Park West community become a beautiful neighborhood. He is passionate about people, music, and his faith.