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urban learning labs

Since its founding, the Urban Mission Center has hosted groups and individuals from all over the country. From fellow practitioners serving in other cities to suburban youth groups to university students, our hope is to foster a love and curiosity towards the city, while offering tools and resources for effective urban ministry.

Using the City of St Louis as our classroom, the Urban Mission Center staff is equipped to guide your group through the following topics and activities:

  • Introduction to Urban Mission

  • Defining City and the Urban Millennium

  • Establishing Missional Community

  • God’s Mission of Reconciliation

  • Advocacy + Activism

  • Neighborhood Mapping

  • The Art of Neighboring

  • Postures for Neighborhood Engagement

  • Asset Mapping for an Abundant Community

  • Developing a Community Garden

  • Urban Youth and the Leaders Who Love Them

  • Methods of Innovation

We are able to host groups up to 20, and we work with you directly to develop a schedule that fits your purpose. We typically host groups from 2-4 nights, but offer a range of flexibility. Think you might be interested? Please contact Sara Johnson for details, including pricing and scheduling. // (314) 606-7794

testimonial: Nate Irvine / band of survivors / metropolitan division

In July 2017, 15 teens and young adults from 10 different Corps from the Metropolitan Division were able to experience the wonderful ministry of the Urban Mission Center in Benton Park West. Our team experienced so many great things:

        Daily Bible studies on living God's mission in the city, lead by Temple House dwellers and apprentices
        A family game night in Benton Park West
        Watched a documentary called "Show Me Democracy" by a local filmmaker, and had a Q + A with the filmmaker
        Visited the Ferguson Empowerment Center
        Visited the Civil Rights exhibit of the Missouri History Museum
        Visited Wellspring Church in Ferguson to have a Q + A with local activists
        Had a worship and debriefing night at Temple Corps before we left

Our visit to the Urban Mission Center was a highlight for our team. First of all, it allowed us to exhibit a different posture. Typically our team assumes the posture of service the whole summer. Our time with the UMC allowed us to assume a posture of listening and learning instead. We learned about racial injustice and reconciliation, how to listen to a community's needs, and how to listen to God's voice as we submit to Him and partner with Him in His work. Lastly, we were able to see The Salvation Army do something forward thinking and out of the box. It was refreshing to see new expressions of the Army in the work of the UMC and the Ferguson Empowerment Center. We need more ministries that aren't as concerned about self preservation as they are about loving people, and doing whatever it takes to meet them where they are. I can't express enough how important the work of the Urban Mission Center is. Keep it up!