Temple Gardens 2018

We had our first Temple Gardens Committee meeting last night. I made soup, Future made fun garden themed table accents, and together we dreamed up what our garden could be for the community this year.

Our garden is huge in city standards. It spans three lots and has plenty of space to expand. We're hoping to get to a handful of these projects this year.

  • Build a chicken coop to accommodate 8 birds (the city limits us to 8 hens, no roosters allowed, for obvious reasons).
  • Add art to our space through fence murals and painted signs.
  • Create a "you pick" herb and tea garden along the front of the garden, complete with signs that identify varieties and "how to" directions for harvesting.
  • A welcome sign that includes our mission and hours.
  • Build a produce stand in the front of the garden.
  • Work on developing a broader volunteer base.

We're taking advantage of a somewhat warm weekend to get a jump start on spring cleaning, so that when the time is right, we're ready!