How We are Building Community

Temple House has made some strides in community lately. Here is a blog written by one of our Dwellers as she reflects on what is looks like for us to come together as part of God’s family.


How do you create a bond within a group of people? How do you create community among individuals who are still finding their space, their position, and their footing? The answer may seem silly but I am speaking from experience, sports, specifically volleyball.

Stephen's Celebration

On one of our Sunday night gatherings, our group of Temple House residents gathered together inside the gym at the Salvation Army Crops. The teams were chosen somewhat democratically and the game began. Throughout the evening there was more laughter, smiling, screaming and cheering than I had ever heard from our group of dwellers. Who would have guessed that a simple game would have welcomed such love and connection to our community?

While games were lost and teams were crowned winners there was little bitterness at the end of the evening. I was left with was a sense of community, camaraderie, happiness and a sore side from laughing too hard at Richard’s victory dance.

Praise the Lord for his divine design among humanity. He can bring a group of individuals and over the course of a volleyball game knits us together, binds us to one another and reminds us there is healing, hope, and joy in these connections.  

While there are talks of a rematch, my excitement is not in reclaiming the victory crown it is in finding that moment again. Connecting with my fellow dwellers, laughing with my brothers and sisters in Christ, and learning how to work together for a common goal and a common good.

- Hannah M.