Book of the Month - September

This month's book is Making Neighborhoods Whole by Wayne Gordon and John M. Perkins. The authors are part of the founding group of the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA). They co-wrote this book as a handbook for Christian Community Development. It lays out their eight key principles and also has essays written by other people doing this work across the country. Shane Claiborne wrote the foreword for the book and he wrote this about the CCDA, "But while we don't need universal blueprints that we try to impose everywhere, we do need some tools we share in common as we build, and we need some training on how they work." That's something that I appreciate about the CCDA, while they do have their philosophy, they understand that no two communities are exactly alike. They allow people to be as creative with their implementation of the key components as is needed in their spaces. 

This book explores what the 8 components are but then also gives us a peek into how they've been lived out in different communities. It offers hope for people who are attempting to do this kind of work by showing them that they aren't alone. I would recommend this book to anyone who is considering relocating and doing work among the poor. It will help give you some guidelines as to what you're going to face and how to work to be a kingdom builder wherever you land. 

You can purchase this book here or by clicking on the title above. If you're curious about the CCDA you can read about it here or here.