An Authentic Weekend

Friends, there was so much to love about commissioning* this year!

A few highlights for me:

  • Connecting with so many wonderful people!
  • All of the media and visuals were great. I especially loved the graphics on Saturday morning. Beautiful.
  • The weekend app was very helpful, especially because I lost my booklet on Day 1. 
  • I applaud the open seating. Aisle seat at every meeting! 
  • Can we discuss the beauty that took place on Saturday evening? Wow. If what happened at the Authentic Worship meeting is any indication of the direction we're going, I am excited. It was truly a space for all voices and all people. I loved it. More and more and more spaces like this, please.
  • Having the opportunity to share about my neighborhood on Friday evening. And beyond that, all of the love and support and affirmation I received afterwards. What a gift. 

*Commissioning is a weekend gathering of Salvationists in the Central Territory (the 11 central states), where we commission and ordain new Salvation Army officers. This is my attempt at a definition.