A New Building!

At the end of September, the Urban Mission Center had the opportunity to acquire a dedicated space where we meet to do our work. We’ve had the chance to use this space for both our Design Days and Urban IF events. We’re thankful to have this space to work out of, it will help further ground us in the Benton Park West neighborhood and we’re excited to use it for neighborhood events as well as our own Sunday night gatherings. 

As we’ve learned how to use this new space, it made me think about how space is important. Before we had this house, Sara would often say that we are more of a people than a place, but I believe that this house allows us to be both. Now that we have a central space to work and to hang our as a Temple House community, we have another opportunity to create and maintain deeper relationships with each other. Now, when someone asks where the Urban Mission Center is, we can point to a location and proudly state that’s our house.