Garden Watch 2015

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood! I can say that every morning because our neighborhood is in full bloom this time of year. We have so many neighbors who work hard to make their gardens beautiful. It makes walking to work a joy.

We've been busy in Temple Gardens as well. We've planted flowers and vegetables, built trellises and tomato cages, and done a fair share of pulling weeds. Many of our dwellers are becoming experts on garden care!

I love having an urban garden. Here's why:

  • Our gardens add to the character and charm of our neighborhood.
  • We have a beautiful gathering place for friends and neighbors.
  • Tending a garden keeps us outside, where we greet the passersby and chat with neighbors.
  • Is there really anything better than produce fresh from the garden?
  • You can have some pretty deep conversations with a friend when pulling weeds together.

I could probably list 25 more reasons!