Thresholds Cohort

Let me start at the beginning.

Soon after I moved to St. Louis (almost two years ago!), the Temple House community read a book called Thin Places: Six Postures for Creating and Practicing Missional Community. The book has served as a field guide for our community as we seek to explore life together in our neighborhood.

After reading the book, we invited co-author Jon Huckins to St. Louis for a weekend intensive. He walked us through the six postures and expanded on missional community, including the many myths of community. We walked with Jon through our neighborhood, sharing stories from our place, and he mentioned the Thresholds Cohort.

The cohort is a learning community for people seeking to establish or deepen missional communities, i.e., people like me. It meets in the Golden Hill neighborhood of San Diego over the span of 18 months.

Now fast forward six months.

I returned from the first cohort gathering yesterday, completely exhausted but equally inspired. We spent 2.5 days together, digging deep and asking really big questions. What is your deep gladness? How is your community a sign of grace in your neighborhood? Who is your missional community for? What would it take to be a sacramental light in our cities? What does reconciliation look like? What community do you long to be part of? What holy desires has God put in your heart? Deep stuff, friends.

At this point, some of you are still wondering what I mean by Missional Community. Don’t worry - you’re in good company. We spent a good amount of time looking at the definition/characteristics of these communities. It really comes down to three things:

  1. Missio Dei. Missional communities partner with God in His mission of reconciliation.
  2. Shared Life. Living life together, we’re linked and strengthened by one another. As Rob described it for us, shared life means “fortified togetherness.”
  3. Embedded in a place. Location and proximity are valued.

We describe the Temple House community as missional, though we're still new at all this. We're figuring it out, one day at a time!

Are you still curious? Please give me a call. I would love to share more about what God is up to in my life and in my neighborhood!

- Sara