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The Urban Mission Center, a ministry of The Salvation Army, is committed to developing missional leaders for the opportunity of the urban millennium. The purpose of this apprenticeship is to walk with young adults as they strengthen their missional leadership skills. Our city context provides a great place to explore the complexities of urban America. The activities and assignments will be largely cooperative, and guided by a local mentor assigned by the Urban Mission Center.

Apprentices of the Urban Mission Center are asked to commit to the Temple House community, a missional community of young adults dwelling together in Benton Park West, an underserved neighborhood in St. Louis, MO.

Apprenticeships are one year opportunities running from September 7th, 2018- August 9th, 2019. The time commitment is 29 hours per week, and attendance is required at two out-of-town events: Regeneration (February 17-19) and Central Bible and Leadership Institute (July 30 - August 7). Weekly hours are split between the Temple House community, a site placement at a local non-profit, and the Salvation Army Temple Corps. A $600 monthly stipend and furnished housing with utilities is provided. The apprenticeship weekly schedule will be set by the Community Life Coordinator.

Apprenticeships are considered a full time opportunity and outside employment is discouraged. Should a job be available that offers flexibility around a weekly schedule that will change often, it will need to be discussed with and approved by the Community Life Coordinator.

Apprenticeships for this year begin on Saturday, September 8th, 2018 and conclude with graduation on Friday, August 16, 2019.

Orientation: September 8-14, 2018.

Welcome to the neighborhood

  • Tours of the city, our neighborhood, and local Salvation Army facilities.

  • An overview of policy and procedures unique to The Salvation Army.

  • Safe From Harm Training. Members of our community complete this training, which is designed specifically for The Salvation Army to protect vulnerable populations, employees, and volunteers.

Life in Community

  • Reading and discussing Thin Places: Six Postures for Creating and Practicing Missional Community.

  • An introduction to working with young people.

  • Team building exercises

Personal Development

  • A survey of your leadership style

  • Tell us your story

  • Share your dream

Spiritual Development

  • A survey of your spiritual gifting

  • Culture Creators

  • Developing a deeper understanding of God’s plan and where you fit into that plan.


DURING your time as an apprentice of the Urban Mission Center, you can expect to:

  • Practice the posture of listening by meeting regularly with a local mentor, attending local neighborhood gatherings, getting to know neighbors and nearby faith communities, and researching the history of Benton Park West.

  • Practice the posture of submerging by becoming a “regular” at local establishments, spending your time and money intentionally in our neighborhood, being present in the social and cultural rhythms of our neighborhood, and by serving at a local Salvation Army.

  • Practice the posture of inviting by hosting teams and individuals in our neighborhood, sharing meals with neighbors and community mates, working with the UMC on recruitment,  and accepting invitations from neighbors and businesses.

  • Practice the posture of contending by participating in local forums and dialog, serving with the Salvation Army among the marginalized of our society, caring for our homes and community garden, regularly taking prayer walks through the neighborhood, and examining the dynamics of our neighborhood and exposing injustices.

  • Practice the posture of imagining by developing innovation labs with the Urban Mission Center, seeking partnerships with others in our city who are progressively addressing issues of injustice, and joining imaginative dialog within the Temple House community.

  • Practice the posture of entrusting by accepting a leadership role at your Salvation Army site placement. This role will be based on your gifts and passions, along with the needs of The Salvation Army where you serve. Examples might include: programming for youth or families, developing recreation opportunities, mentoring or tutoring young people, leading worship, or starting a community garden.

At the CONCLUSION of your apprenticeship, you will:

  • Have experienced what it means to join God in his mission of reconciliation.

  • Understand the scope and mission of The Salvation Army’s work.

  • Have developed a network of professional and spiritual support for continued counsel.

  • Feel confident in making new connections and pursuing partnerships in urban settings.


  • $1500 Program Fee

  • Single, or married Christian young adult (Age 18-29) with a High School Diploma or equivalent.

  • Must be willing to live in shared space (private bedroom with shared common areas).

  • Weekly church attendance at The Salvation Army.

  • Weekly Temple House community gatherings.

  • A desire to live and serve in an urban context.


CLICK HERE to apply now and email your resume and cover letter to adina_o’

Questions? Send us a note below, or contact Adina O'Neal 314-333-9503.

The structure and content of this apprenticeship was developed from Thin Places: 6 Postures for Creating & Practicing Missional Community by Jon Huckins w/ Rob Yackley.

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