What is the Urban Mission Center?

The Urban Mission Center is a ministry of The Salvation Army. Our mission is to form missional leaders for the opportunity of the Urban Millennium. We’re located in St. Louis, MO.

What is a missional leader?

A missional leader is someone who guides others in discovering and doing their part in God's mission of reconciliation. A few indicators we look for include: an ability to adapt to a changing world, asking God-centered versus church-centered questions, a connection with neighbors that is relational versus transactional, and an understanding of God's mission.

What do we mean by "opportunity of the urban millennium?"

The world moved into the urban millennium around 2009, when over half of the human population lived in cities. This number is projected to grow over the next few decades, reaching as high as 70% of the population. As our cities grow, the opportunity to serve in urban settings will grow. We need to be prepared by having leaders who are ready to take on the complexities of city work.

How do we form missional leaders?

  • Temple House Apprenticeships. Temple House is a missional community of young adult apprentices who live communally in our neighborhood. Apprenticeships are year long opportunities that help young adults find their place in God’s mission through spiritual formation and missional practice.

  • Practicum Courses. We offer week long courses in Urban Ministry each spring and fall.

  • Learning Labs. Using the City of St Louis as our classroom, the Urban Mission Center develops on the field learning opportunities for individuals and groups.

Where are we located?

We're located in St Louis, MO in the Benton Park West Neighborhood. Our administrative office is located at Nebula Coworking, at the heart of the Cherokee neighborhoods. This allows us the flexibility to move about the city to where we're needed!